Is There Anything Wrong In Dating Your Friend’s Ex?? Find Out Here

Dating a friend’s ex has been a dilemma for both men and women for several times. Its been a torn in most people’s flesh because they were unfortunate enough to fall in love with their friends ex.

And it quiet unfortunate situation.We have heard people say it’s ‘wrong’ and ‘disrespectful’ to get involved with the same person your friend has been with in the past, but the funny thing is, every time people say that, they don’t usually back it up with a solid reason.

The highest logical answer they usually come up with is something like ‘boys code’ and ‘girls code’. But they forget to understand nobody chooses who to fall with.

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If you are to follow codes when falling in love, i wonder how genuine that love and supposed relationship will be. In my experience over the years, I have come to understand that, you don’t choose who to love, especially when its real and genuine. Its a natural thing.

Yes its obvious you will have that nagging feeling you are betraying your friend and that he/she will feel hurt to see that but in reality they don’t. Unless of cause he/she was dumped.

In the instance when your friend was actually dumped, it means he/she still has feelings for the ex. In such situation you actually have to think twice before dating the ex.

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If it wasn’t a mutual break up, it means one still feels the pain and hurt and at that instance, your friend is actually looking for some to blame, don’t be the fall guy

But if your friend decided to call it quits with the partner, it was his/her decision. It got nothing to do you. why should you go through emotional trauma over that?.

If it was mutual break up, there is frankly no reason why you shouldn’t give it ago. after all you didn’t choose to fall in love with that particular person.

It will actually be immaturity on the part of your friend to get furious you are dating the ex. So if you are doing reading and have a crush on your friend’s ex,

don’t put your self through emotional torture, go for what your heart desire. As long as you are not the cause of the breaking and you are not snatching him/her from your friend.

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