11 areas in Ghana with the Most Sakawa / Fraud Boys

areas in Ghana with the Most Sakawa

Tho , it is still not encouraged, at first, the act of Sakawa was seriously frown upon and whoever is tagged as being involved was regarded as demonic.

Interestingly , it has now become a normalcy, as the youth are really engaged in it because of the rate of unemployment in the country.

Sakawa Boys,fraud or Gameboys, as they like to be called seems to be everywhere in Ghana but these areas hub them the most.As you know how we tag Kejetia and Circle with transportation and hawking? So do we tag these places with Sakawa boys.


Tamale is in fact the “Capital” and the most largest of the three northern regions in the Northern part of Ghana.The most developed among the three regions.

But when you visit the northern part of Ghana, Tamale to be precise, you will see how sad/worst things are going within the youth. Sakawa boys all over.

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