“Ashawo”Girl and 9 other Damning Revelations about Funny Face’s Wife

Funny Face’s Wife-My wife Elizabeth, cheated on me –Funny Face

A friend of Funny Face has come out to talk about what he knows about Elizabeth Nana Adjoa Ntim, the ex-wife of Funny Face. He touched on the woman’s promiscuity, Funny Face’s suicide attempts amongst others.

We took time to break down the revelations of the gentleman. These were deduced from the conversation he had with Ghana Celebrities.

1. That the woman was a party girl. She was called Tema Mayor because she was a slut in Tema. The guys in Tema used her for fraud purposes amongst other.

2. That a close friend of Funny Face dated her; had sex with her several times. Funny Face did not know that his wife had dated his friend. The friend only got to know about the woman after things got serious.

3. Funny Face was the 2nd husband of Elizabeth. She was married to a 62-year-old rich man. The man complained bitterly that the woman was cheating on him with young guys. Whiles with Funny Face, she was still sleeping with the old man. Two days after marriage, she had sex with the man.

4. Funny Face kept everything about his marriage low key because he knew the track record of the woman.

5. Funny Face wanted to cancel the wedding after finding out the woman was cheating, three months before they got married. The woman’s father came begging and it convinced Funny Face

6. She was called Tema Mayor because of her promiscuous lifestyle in Tema. She used to frequent La Palm for lunch. It is, however unclear how she was funding that luxurious life.

7. Funny Face bought a 4WD for her, put a tracker on it and was tracking the car. He got to know that she was a pathological liar during that time.

8. Funny Face did hit her this one time but the case was resolved after he apologized.

9. Funny Face attempted suicide a couple of times because of the promiscuity of the woman.

10. The woman was in charge of Funny Face’s business and activities. In fact, she handled everything and knew Funny’s finances.

Funny Face is asking for the case to treated as a private matter..Watch


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