Photos-Assemblies of God church deacon survives 39 bullets after armed robbery incident

Assemblies of God church deacon survives 39 bullets

Assemblies of God Spring of Joy Assembly, Agric was agog with celebration on Sunday the 11th of September as the Church celebrated the greatness of God in delivering his servant Deacon Martins Nwaobaji.

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The people danced and praised the Lord and in one voice and agreement shouted “it could have only been God”

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The Deacon gave his heart moving testimony, describing how men of the underworld broke into his compound and robbing the innocent people therein, they didn’t fail to break into his own apartment and before he knew it the robber had released 39 bullet shrapnel’s which scattered all over his face.

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Miraculously none got into his eyes, neck or any vital part of his body… they only hit the non vital part of his face and were skin deep.

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Deacon Simon Nwaobaji has since recovered as he has gone through many corrective surgeries and is very much alive and well to the shame of the devil and to the glory of God.

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In the man’s words “I am glad to be alive and blessed to still be in the land of the living. The enemy made an attack on my life but God who is above all has shielded me.

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I survived 39 bullets to my face and head which is purely a miracle, I would worship God forever because he has shown me great and mighty things”

See Photos below;

Assemblies of God church deacon survives 39 bullets
Assemblies of God church deacon survives 39 bullets

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