Must Listen: Awal Mohammed Fires Shot at Strongman Burner —Records Waatse Anaa (Strongman Diss) For Him

Awal Mohammed Strongman Burner Waatse Anaa Strongman Diss
(Left)Sark & Strongee - Sark & Awal (Right)

For those who just landed in Ghana from the ‘moon’ or ‘Jupiter’, just a quick reminder of who Awal Mohammed and Strongman are.

Awal Mohammed, tagged as King Sark’s successor became a household name when as a 12-year old and a JHS1 pupil of the Accra New Town Experimental School became the second runner-up in TV3’s maiden edition of talented kids 7 years ago.


Strongman Burner is known in private life as Osei Kwaku Vincent and as his stage name suggests is a mic burner who saw himself in the limelight after winning the “Focus fm Freestyle Friday” in 2010, “Kfm Freestyle Saturday” in 2011 and “Tha Next Big Thang In Gh Hip-hop” in 2012.

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Strongman Burner

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Interestingly, Ghana’s most decorated rapper of our time, Sarkodie is almost a father to both artiste, Awal and Strongman. Awal has been under the tutelage of Sarkodie since he came out from the talented kids show. “Strongee” as he affectionately calls himself at times, also just got signed by the same Sark unto his Sarkcess Music label just this year.

(Left)Sark & Strongee – Sark & Awal (Right)

However, one would ask, why then would Awal record a diss song to diss someone he should see as his brother?

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There is more to it you don’t know and is not known for beating around the bush, so we are going to spill the beans to unveil the secret behind this beef.

According to what gathers, Awal is no more under the guidance of Sarkodie anymore.And feel greatly betrayed that, Sarkodie bypassed him to sign an artist who is almost his same age and equally talented as he is.

Hey, but that’s not Strongman’s fault, so why diss him? One would ask.

Good question, but according to what gathers also, Strongman is said to have thrown some shots at Awal,asking with his popular phrase “Waate Anaa”.lieraly means “Have you heard”?

However, Awal with this new song attack he calls ‘Waatse Anaa’ was produced by Horro-Fix Umaga. The title of the song happens to be Strongman’s most used catchphrase… which in the diss track seems to be asking Strongee if he has heard what he(Awal) is telling/asking him in the song.

Listening to the track, Awal warns Strongee will be doing Yes,sir Massa until he learns some sense and more he said in the song below.


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For the beef to come public this time, means there is more to it and more will surely dig into it and bring them to you.. Download or Listen to the music below and pay attention to the lyrics. And as to how Strongman or Sarkodie will react to this will be known in few days. Your comments are welcome in the comment section after Listening.

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