All Becca does is to sleep with Nigerian Men for money,Kiki didn’t manage Becca well in terms of fu.cking- See who alleges

All Becca does is to sleep with Nigerian Men for money,Kiki didn’t manage Becca well in terms of fu.cking

Instagram has been hot and raging these past few days as Bibi Bright who is an actress is on a hot fight with another actress Nana Akua Addo.

Bibi’s problem has to do with the fact that Nana Akua Addo is a backstabbing b*tch and has been backstabbing her all along using fake instagram accounts to reveal her(Bibi Bright’s) secrets.

She claims Nana Akua has badmouthed Zynell Zuh, Becca, Princess Shyngle, TooSweet Annan and many other names have come out during Bibi’s rants.

And in one of her numerous posts which tend to unveil all the thing Nana Akua had told her in secrets,she disclosed that her fellow actress told her that Becca came after her(Nana Akua) baby daddy and added that Becca’s former manager, Kiki wasn’t managing Becca well in terms of fuc.king.

She continued that Nana Akua informed her, all Becca does is to sleep with Nigerian men for money and a lot more revelation.

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According to Bibi Bright she is on a mission to get the movie industry active once again. She stated,ladies like Nana Akua Addo who is just interested in back-backing and badmouthing people needs to be blasted.

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She also alleges that, Nana Akua Addo is evil and needs help.

See her post on the things she alleges Nana Akua had told her about Becca;

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