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I’ll be a better husband and father to our kids – Medikal tells Fella Makafui

Medikal and Fella Makafui

Looks like whatever actress Fella Makafui gave rapper Medikal to eat during their dating period is really having a strong effect on the rapper as he is not backing out.

For some weeks now there have been rumors that the rapper and the actress where having challenges in their relationship but a few days now, it has been confirmed by the two of them that their eleven (11) months old relationship has ended.

The main reason for their breakup still remains unknown as different reasons keep coming up from people who claim to be closer to the pair.

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Medikal has been trying very hard to apologize to Fella Makafui but he always fails to get her attention since she is still angry with him.

Yesterday, the rapper together with his CEO Criss Waddle and other friends visited Fella’s shop to patch things up but things took a different turn as Fella drove them away from her shop.

Well, the “poof poof” crooner is back once again to apologize to his now ex-girlfriend Fella Makafui but this time on Twitter where he claims is the only place Fella Makafui has not blocked him.

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He posted: “Hey @Fellamakafui_ since you haven’t blocked me on Twitter I know you will definatly see this ! Listen, I love you, I want us to start a family together ! People make mistakes ! Nobody be perfect. Will prove to you and the whole world I will be a better man for you and our kids”.