GhPageLifestyleBleaching caused my downfall- Young beautiful slay queen regrettably advices young ladies

Bleaching caused my downfall- Young beautiful slay queen regrettably advices young ladies

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“I would have been at a bigger and better place if not for bleaching. This common bleaching has set me back and delayed my life.

I’m yet to start life all over again. I’ve lost everything”. These are the words of a young beautiful slay queen who is a victim of bleaching.

The youth, especially the ladies nowadays, tend to take delight in changing the colour of their skin for some funny, ridiculous and other reasons best known to them.

You will agree with me that 70% of today’s young girls have habituated to bleaching their skins which is bad. Though it has it’s own side effects these adventurous ladies are not stopping.

Well, this story by a young and beautiful Slay Queen who have had a bad experience in bleaching her skin might change your mind to stop if you are already discolouring the skin or yet to start.

Regretfully, Mary Naana Ankomah has chronicled her painful suffering after she started to bleach her original brown skin.

Heavily endowed Mary said in 2013-2015 due to her strong popularity on and off social media, a lady sent her a DM recommending a skincare product which according to her will make her more beautiful and get followers.

Though she had that glowing skin then, she was carried away by the lady’s[the one who sent her a dm]sugar-coated testimonies of the product she had recommended to her.

Curious to know how it will work fine on her body, Mary Naana Ankomah fell for the use of this new product.

Fast forwarding her narration, the Slay Queen said the lady who came to her DM gave her a list of items to buy that she can mix and use as her cream to give her that nice fair skin men will love to see.

After moving from one cosmetic shop to the other in search of the items given her, Mary finally landed in the hands of one woman who though couldn’t get her the preferred list of things needed but assured her of a bleaching cream that could help very well.

Ready to explore, she agreed and started using the product which in its early stages gave her the preferred skin tone.

Again, in 2015 when she was due for travel to Dubai she went for another one[bleaching cream] because the first one that she used was just as the woman said, ‘very was good’.

“A week later after travelling to Dubai the cream changed colour, it became very brownish” That didn’t scare her as she continued to use until she came back to Ghana and met the shock of her life.

Her once beautiful skin was covered with stretch marks. In fact, every part of her ‘perfect’ body was destroyed. The bleaching cream had done the worst on her skin.

Due to how messy the skin has become, Mary said she started to feel bad and inferior thereby losing her self confidence.

Because of the stretch marks she lost great deals and even her boyfriend who promised to her with her whether rain or shine started to change, distancing himself from her.

The world began to seem like hell for her. The stretch marks began to spread all over her body, the skin began to spoil.

In a bid to cover the striations on her skin, she went for a tattoo. After some time she proceeded in searching for other alternatives to bring her skin back to it’s normal ‘settings’ so that the inferiority self complex will no more be with her.


Advising the youth, Mary said it’s not good to use any harsh cream on the body that will at the long run cause a problem to the skin.


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