Home Entertainment Brother Sammy rubdown Tracey Boakye’s thighs in public

Brother Sammy rubdown Tracey Boakye’s thighs in public

Brother Sammy and Tracey Boakye
Brother Sammy and Tracey Boakye

Unconcerned about the social media blast and troll they may face, Tracey Boakye and Brother Sammy in a new video as captured are having a good time together.

In the video, the Gospel singer Brother Sammy flirtatiously is massaging the long and big thighs of actress/movie producer Tracey Boakye.

This act between them as seen in the footage has awakened the widespread rumour that both are in a relationship. Recall, in the wake of the Papa No saga, there were many allegations that popped up.

One that went rife was the list of men who have gone pants down with Tracey Boakye, a mother of two. Surprisingly, Brother Sammy’s (the Nation Worshipper) name surfaced as one of them.

The conversation was then the biggest topic on the ‘Social Media discussion table’. Netizens took a bite as they gave their take on the issue. Nonetheless, the “My God Is” slogan originator came out to deny rumours.

Tracey, on the other hand, shunned and never came out to talk on the issue, leaving netizens still in doubts.

The new videotape of them is somewhat fueling claims that they might be in a relationship.