Bulldog replies Shatta Wale for calling him a dog 

Insults will get you this far! Intelligence will take you to the next level. There’s a fine line… I pray you discern the difference… ?#?grateful??#?thywillbedone??#?killdemwithlove??#?sikanhyira?

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This was in response to Shatta Wale’s jab that Bulldog is a dog. Shatta Wale had this to say on the Delay Show last week.

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Bulldog is a dog. As for Bulldog, he is hungry…sometimes he talks off and comes on. I’ve given Bulldog dollars several times. I’ve travelled with him several times. He can’t tell me that I hold fake dollars. Do you understand?

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I have friends who have done that to me. I have managers…I have producers who have done that to me, but still I’m moving on.

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” He added that it’s hatred that makes Bulldog say such things about him. Even your wife knows I’ve given you dollars before…anything I come to say on TV is real…it’s there. People like Bulldog…when they talk like that, you should see them like yeah…dogs. That’s how they are…they bark. He’s a human being dog…he’s acting like a dog, because you don’t come to ask when you talk.

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According to Bulldog, he is being used as case study in places where Aggressive Artiste Management Tactic (AAMT) and that is how he played out his game to make Shatta Wale who he is now. He knows that insults took Shatta this far but clearly he is intelligent to move to the next level of his career.

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However, Shatta Wale has said that he does not take the diss of Bulldog on social media serious because he just barks.

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