Check Out If Louisa Is Really Pregnant, Here Are 2Days Photos Of Dr. Louisa And Her Dad Flaunting Her Beauty

These are photos of Stonebwoy's wife & her dad

Is she really pregnant as we are saying? These are photos of Stonebwoy’s wife & her dad showing her marvelous beauty 2 days ago.

Ow!!, news went viral this week that Stonebwoy’s wife Dr. Louisa Ansong is heavily pregnant.

Shame on the gbee naabu presenter, Soko Hemaa or whatever her name is, who came out to announce that she saw Dr. Louisa and she was heavily pregnant.

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 These are photos of Stonebwoy's wife & her dad

Well, Adom FM’s Vim Lady posted a photo of Dr. Louisa and her dad. The photo was taken just 2 days ago.

Vim Lady posted,

This is Stone Boy’s wife, Dr. Louisa Ansong with her father and she is not “heavily” pregnant. Ghanafuo kasa. Leave the woman alone to enjoy her marriage wai????? Picture taken 2days ago??

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Guys!, is she really pregnant???………………

But guys, frankly speaking, the Efo man is enjoying paa o, what a backside of her.

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