Counselor Lutterodt Calls The Pen*s “The Most Disgraceful S*x Organ” ; Read His Reasons

Counsellor George Lutterodt by the mention of his name ,then most people particularly the young and unmarried begin to dread what naked truth has he said again.He is known to put the youth on edge with his speeches.

He recently recently described men who spy on their spouse’ phone as having ,mental problem. He again went further to describe ladies who are still not married as lady people for not getting men to marry them. we can go on and on with some of his outrageous claims.

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The courageous and outspoken speaker has described the male organ (pen*s) as the the most disgraceful organ in the human anatomy.According to Counselor Lutterodt, most men are deceived into believing that they are good in bed when their partners moan excitedly.

According to him, most women are in one way or the other not really satisfied during s*xual intercourse, saying majority of them pretend to be enjoying the s*x by moaning and groaning uncontrollably.

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The firebrand Counselor said most women have acquired properties due to their moaning skills, saying no man can brag of being good in bed unless a woman tells him because men are s*xually vulnerable.

Speaking with host of Abusua FM’s Drive Ike-Da Unpredictable, he explained that women try to massage the ego of men by moaning to show they are counted among the lot.

‘No man can satisfy any woman s*xually on this earth, the thank you they say is appreciation for your time wasted. She is fanning your ego to let you know that you are counted among the lot. There are differences in the way we have the excitement, satisfaction and the pretenses. Most of the moaning all are lies. Men are vulnerable s*xually, the male organ is the most vulnerable organ in the world and is so disgraceful. Every hole you place it in, it’s happy. It appreciates and responds to every v*gina.

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It’s very disgraceful, unlike the v*gina which has eyes and mouth, the pen*s has only mouth and no eyes that is why every erection needs direction. If you have an erection, it needs direction. So any man who does not ejac*late needs to be examined, it’s a serious disorder and needs a counselor to manage him,’ he said.

He said not all activities that affect one’s environment should have effect on the person’s s*xuality.
According to him, environmental issues affect women psychologically and not men.

‘Women have emotional capacity, but men are not worried about environmental pressures. Men can have sex on a radio station’s console, but women wouldn’t. No man can fake orgasm but women can fake it. Men can sign cheques without realizing it due to fake orga*m,’ he said.

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The s*x therapist said prestigious old men are controlled s*xually by young girls due to lack of proper parental care.

He underscored that men have been throwing dust in the eyes of the public by saying young girls help them to be fit sexually anticipating that men aged 40 years and above, will soon depend on s*x enhancement drugs.

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The public has given their divergent opinion on the counselor’s point. we will give you their perspective in our next publication.


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