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“Dated Him For 6 Years, Had 7 Abortions, Paid His Fees.. Next Week, He’s Marrying My Best-Friend” – Lady Shares Her Love Story

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The sum was quite much, but she just had to raise it so he could be comfortable in Abuja, she did the usual, sent funds to his account. After that day, he was coming to their lodge for steady knacks… She fell pregnant again! And like always, was asked to do the needful which she reluctantly did. (Her 7th abortion in 4 years). Because their regular abortion-expert doctor refused to do the D&C, they had to travel all the way to another state to flush it. Titi had recommended a good doctor. After the successful D&C, the doctor made it known to her that she might not be able to bear a child again because her womb may have been affected. And she decided to share this vital information with her best friend, Titi… (Ladies, keeping to yourself helps a whole lot).

Fast forward to her graduation and relocation back to Abuja: Titi had started her Law School earlier and was based in Abuja too, a stone-throw from Mr.J’s house. In fact, Ms. J was aware they sometimes visited themselves. Ms. J begged her friend to help with foodstuffs for her bae, which she obliged. Their bond became stronger, then the “long-overdue affection” began to manifest. Titi had made it known that she always had feelings for him since University days and was jealous of her his relationship with Ms. J. Mr. J also, made it known that he felt the same way and though he never buzzed her after collecting her digit way back in school, his main intention was to get to know her better but couldn’t because he somewhat had Ms.J full time at home and didn’t want to arouse suspicion.

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Titi decided to spill the beans on her best friend’s inability to bear a child and immediately Mr. J heard it, he found a LEVERAGE to leave her. Citing that, he definitely won’t be with her anymore because what he is looking for right now is a WIFE MATERIAL. When Ms. J came back to Abuja, she noticed Mr. J had changed towards her, and in fact, each time they had sex, he always wore a condom, cold shoulders, lackadaisical attitude towards her and rarely even called or checked up on her but still, she was still giving him his regular paycheck on a monthly (50k). Three months have gone, his behavior worsened, it was clearer to her that she probably had lost his love. So one day, she decided to show up at his, unannounced. Lo and behold, she met bae with Titi, lying down in his bed,…. Stark Naked! (My question at this point was since he heard a knock on his door and most likely verified it was Ms. J, why didn’t he ask Titi to dress up? At least, even if she had her clothes on, she won’t have been really fussed!)…..

The answer I got was; maybe they were tired of hiding and didn’t care anymore. She was greeted with a smile from her supposed BEST FRIEND and before she could say a word, Mr. J said, “I broke up with you long ago, I broke up with you the very day I was told you may not be able to bear children. How will I marry a barren woman?” Right there and then, she knew Titi was behind this but all she could do was sob and leave… 5+ years of her life gone, 5+ years of so many sacrifices for Mr. J, 5+ years of giving her all for the relationship. 5+ years gone to the drain.. 5 + years! All these flooded her thoughts. As I write this, Ms. J is out of the country and an IV for Titi and Mr. J’s wedding has flooded Social Media. Titi and her Ms.J’s ex-dated for a year+ and decided to tie the knot. Mr. J now works in a big Engineering Firm in PortHarcourt while Titi just finished her NYSC.

The wedding is for 27th, January What a life!

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  1. Sad. But was st*pid on her part not to hv advised herself the moment the man asked for s*x without protection knowing she was not ready to be a mother..Plus how can a woman spend so much on a man she is not married to? Good responsible men never accept money from a woman…Her story is painful but i think she acted stupid!


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