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Dating a richer person just to spite your ex after heartbreak is childish – Counselor Adofoli

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Renowned marriage counselor, Frank Edem Adofoli is of the view that it is childish for anyone who after heartbreak enters into another relationship with a wealthy person than the previous just to spite the other.

In his latest article, he made it clear that it is only children who will behave in that manner explaining that relationships should move beyond materials things and be dependent on lifelong foundation builders.

Friendship With Your Ex Remains An Error - Counselor Adofoli Writes
Counselor Adofoli

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Read the full text of the article below;

Broken heart is one of the most painful experiences lovers go through, but not everyone learns from such experiences, not everyone is built from the mistakes they made. People end up worse by trying to date to prove a point; I want my Ex to know my current is better than them.

The truth is, what is good for you might not be good for another person, your preferred spouse could be someone’s preferred house help. This is because we all have our core mandate on this earth; we all have our unique field and destiny. Going for a life partner is to look for someone who will help you achieve what God has assigned you on earth.

So if one person leaves you for another, you don’t go into another relationship to prove a point to anyone, not even if they try to tease you with their relationship. Let people laugh at you for they don’t know what God is doing in your life behind the scenes. Let them rejoice over your pain, let them laugh at you today but never let your laughter be the reason for their pain.

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Don’t go out looking for someone who looks better than your ex, don’t go looking for someone who drives something better than your ex, and don’t go looking for someone who earns more income than your ex. All those things are irrelevant. It’s children who act like that, they compare toys. Adults don’t compare partners, for one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Your goal is to find someone who makes you feel better as an individual person than the previous one did. Someone who adds to your spirit in a way you never felt, someone who brings you closer to your Creator, someone who prays with you.

Someone who is selfless and sacrificial, who lives a life of giving than receiving. Someone who drives fears away and replaces them with love, who pushes you to accomplish what you thought was impossible; who is ready to build with you, and not someone who puts fear in you and wants to be your Boss.

Someone you can build and manage a home with, someone who will be a friend, a brother, a father and mother for your kids, a good role model your children can learn from or look up to.

Someone who listens to understand you and not someone who only listens to reply you. Someone you feel safe and secure around be it emotionally, physically and mentally.

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It’s not about the material things the person has now, but what you can achieve together. It’s not about being with a great person, it’s about the new person in your life raising you to be a greater person. If you have someone like this and you are still searching then you are lost. You already have what people are praying for, what most people are dying to have in life. Don’t sacrifice someone special for the superficial.

In conclusion “The Lord’s blessing is our greatest wealth. All our work adds nothing to it!” – Proverbs 10:22 (TLB).