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DECAM church dissolved: How Pastor Max Bani was called out for sleeping with church members

DECAM church dissolved: Pastor Max Bani sexual scandal

There has been a trending story about the dissolution of a church called Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) after the head pastor was implicated in a sexual scandal.

This is everything you must know about the DECAM dissolution and Apostle Max Bani.

Apostle Vinny Max Bani is the subject of allegations of sexual misconduct and other unethical behaviour from several members of Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM).

In a statement, a few former DECAM executives claimed that Apostle Bani abused his position by sleeping with female churchgoers in exchange for favours or church notoriety.

According to a report by Assaseradio.com:

“Many of the girls were asked to delete their chats with him and sworn to secrecy with threats of prophetic or supernatural punishment befalling them should they expose these things, so the evil thrived,” 

The statement also mentioned that other female churchgoers came forward with complaints of Mr. Bani’s sexual misconduct while investigations were proceeding.

Many people stated that they had been asked for nude images in exchange for favours or recognition within the church.

Others asserted that they had been trained to give him various forms of enticing sexual favors, such as oral sex, hand jobs, seductive massages, and orgies involving multiple women at once.

A member revealed that they were assigned campus goals practically every month to raise GHC 500 cedis from their classmates in order to commemorate their “Emperor” AVMB. To reach the goals of the religion that is now considered a cult, some members had to donate their own money.

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Read the following statement from DECAM on the sexual scandal and matters arising below…

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