GhPage Editor's Pick This is What To Do When Your N*des Are Leaked

This is What To Do When Your N*des Are Leaked

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We are currently living in a world where screenshots are more dangerous than a gun.The world where people take pictures of their daily or every activity including their n*dity.

Sexting had established itself in today’s dating culture and ndes have overpopulated the online space. People are getting more obsessed with their nked bodies and they cannot ignore the itch to share them with their lovers.It is becoming a worrying trend.

Things get haywire when the n*des pictures which are meant for only the eyes of one person are suddenly laid out in the open for the whole world to see, share, ridicule and criticise.Some I must say intentionally releases these pictures and get the worse of regrets when the bashing start coming.

A very bad feeling accompanies this, but it is not the end of the world, it cannot be the end of the world.It’s okay to get mad because this is a crappy thing that happened. Let it Out. Cry if you need to. Just don’t bury it all inside.

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And With a simple tap on the screen, or a keypad your estranged lover, an ex or friends can forever ruin your life.If your n*des ever get leaked or you mistakenly leaks them-Try and do these as compiled by :

1. Politely and remorsefully Ask them to pull it down

If the n*des(Either pictures or Videos ) were posted on social media, politely ask whoever posted them to pull them down.This is where most victims do it wrongly.They tend to threaten and even some resort to insult to coerced the one to pull it down. No, don’t insult, if you can, explain the circumstances to get the sympathy from the one who posted it to pull it down.

However, if they are still being stubborn, it is time for step two.

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