Donald Trump- I’m okay with gay marriage and will only deport criminals

Election2016-Donald Trump wins United States Presidential Election | Donald Trump- I'm okay with gay marriage

Donald Trump- I’m okay with gay marriage ,gives different Views on Immigration, Obamacare

United States Presidential -elect Donald Trump is breaking from his number two on gay marriage and also moderating his views on immigration deportation and Obamacare.

Sound completely different from what he said during the campaign.And looks he just said what Americans wanted to hear to get votes.

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Trump had a chitchat with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” Sunday and not only vowed not to mount a challenge to the SCOTUS decision validating gay marriage, he said he’s fine with it.

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He also pulled back from mass deportation, saying he’d get the criminals out and then reevaluate. Ditto on Obamacare … he’ll save some of it…Interesting.

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