In the rise of rape accusations against Pastors and religious leaders, award-winning movie producer and director, Leila Djansi has advised Ghanaians to stop attending churches Pastors are given superior treatment as compared to their members.

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Via her Facebook account she lamented on they way people treat their pastors glorifying them as if they were God.

The epistle on her Facebook wall reads;

Don’t attend a church where the pastor’s chair is different from the members own and kingly. He’s not your king! Christ is.

Don’t attend a church where members go to the pastor’s house to cook and clean and raise his children. That’s not what you were called to do. You are called to be Christ Ambassadors, not Pastor’s pawns.

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Don’t attend a church that has no accountability. You must ask and see the books anytime. It’s your duty to the sacrifice of Christ to hold your leaders accountable.

Don’t attend a church that’s always in the middle of a building project! God does not reside in temples. He’s in your heart. Build your heart for him!

Don’t attend a church that does not have a weekly outreach for the poor and needy in society. WEEKLY. You can’t have more revivals than outreach! Soup kitchens for the homeless, back to school bags for the students, job placement fairs for graduates, hospital and prison fellowship/visits, widows and orphans welfare programs.

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Don’t attend a church where thrice a month, the sermon is about financial prosperity. God said not to worry about those things. The birds and flowers don’t, but they’re clothed and fed daily!

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Don’t attend a church where women are coerced into being lesser than men. Jesus dragged Martha out of the kitchen to STUDY at his feet. Jesus likes smart women, ok.

Don’t attend a church where the pastor has more than 3 cars. Is he a car dealer?”

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Freddie, is a graduate of the University of Ghana. He is a film enthusiast, screenwriter and human rights activist.