Dr Kwaku Oteng’s daughter finally responds to woman who claims he’s Tracey’s baby daddy

Kwaku Oteng Tracey Boakye
Kwaku Oteng Tracey Boakye

A lady who is of close relation to the businessman, Dr Kwaku Oteng, has jumped to his defence after a woman claimed that he is the long talked about Papa No.

The purported daughter of the business mogul identified as Mabel was in awe of how the woman who lives overseas in Spain could denigrate such a great figure.

The woman who goes by the name Obaapa Yaa Asantewaa Agyeaguo said in her audio which went viral that Dr Kweku Oteng’s promiscuity has been pinned on ex-president John Mahama.

According to her, the owner of the Angel Broadcasting Network is Tracey Boakye’s baby daddy tagged ”Papa No” while dragging the millionaire for being a skirt-chaser.

Stories about how Tracey was romantically involved with the entrepreneur cropped up after Tracey’s estranged bestie, Gloria Kani alleged that Tracey had an affair with Kwaku Oteng while he was still married to Sally Akua Amoakowaa Mensah aka Akua GMB.

Nonetheless, Obaapa Yaa Asantewaa Agyeaguo reaffirmed these allegations claiming that Dr Kwaku Oteng is indeed the long sought after ”Papa No”.

Meanwhile, Mabel in a live video called for the informant to reveal her face just as she has and to stop hiding behind her voice.



Mabel added that even if her accusation was true, Dr Kwaku Oteng is a successful and responsible man who takes care of his children and so Obaapa was completely out of line.

”What place do you have insulting such a prominent man. I bet you would love for Dr Kwaku Oteng to be your husband or brother. Even if he is Tracey’s baby daddy he takes care of his own and has never begged anyone for money for upkeep or to take care of his children”, Mabel said.

Mabel expressed that she would have wished for the millionaire to have had a child in every home in the country so that his ingenuity and kind heart would be replicated in every home to transform generations.