#Election2016-Donald Trump wins United States Presidential Election

Election2016-Donald Trump wins United States Presidential Election | Donald Trump- I'm okay with gay marriage

Donald Trump wins United States Presidential Election

Successful businessman Donald John Trump has successfully defeated Hilary Clinton in the US presidential race and he is now declared the President Elect of The United States of America.

Donald Trump wins the US presidency after securing swing states of Florida and Ohio and Hillary Clinton concedes.

Here’s where things stand

Just an overview of where things stand this morning.

Donald Trump has won the presidency in a stunning upset that surprised pollsters and media alike.

Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede the election shortly after Wisconsin was called for the Republican candidate, sealing his victory.

The former secretary of state did not make a concession speech, instead allowing advisor John Podesta to tell the crowd at her party in New York’s Javits Center to go home. She’s expected to make a concession speech this morning.

In his victory speech, Trump called for unity, praising Clinton for a hard-fought campaign and saying “Now it is time for America to heal the wounds of division.”

Oakland, New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC have seen anti-Trump protests overnight, burning Trump effigies and smashing a window at the Oakland Tribune.

The Republicans won big all round – maintaining and strengthening its control of the Senate 51-47 after wins in
Florida, Pennsylvania and Indiana. Congress also remains Republican controlled 236-191.

Asian stocks and the US dollar dropped after news of a likely Trump win – and bounced back slightly overnight, but all eyes on the market this morning.

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