Be bold and come out, don’t be afraid to endorse Nana Addo – Akrobeto tells Kuami Eugene

Akrobeto and Kuami Eugene
Akrobeto and Kuami Eugene

Akwasi Boadi ‘Akrobeto’ aka Who Nose Tomorrow has slapped some sense into the thick skull of Afrobeat singer and Lynx Entertainment signee, Kuami Eugene following his comments over the ‘Happy Day’ song.

It’s not a new thing. You already know the social media uproar that went widespread following the release of the ‘Happy Day’ song. It was tagged as an endorsement for the NPP.

Speaking on his most-watched Real News show, Akrobeto said he does not accord in Kuami Eugene’s assertions that he had no idea what the song was intended for. According to him, Kuami should have known better.

In Akrobeto’s candid opinion, Eugene should not be afraid to endorse Nana Addo besides it’s not a bad thing for him to do.

Everyone is entitled to that freedom hence coming out to publicly declare shouldn’t be a big deal, he added.


However, he advised that before anyone endorses any political party, they should be well convinced that the party will help them as well when the need arises.