This is how exactly Sarkodie and M.anifest beef started and this is what M.anifest is saying now

Sarkodie and Manifest beef, how it all started and what M.anifest is saying now

I think , a lot of Ghanaians  know what’s went on between Sarkodie and Manifest beef but the mystery still remains as to who started it first.

Many people still think  that Sarkodie started it by dissing Manifest on his ‘Bossy’ track and some also think this is not so because all Sarkodie said was to borrow M.anifest’s signature to end his verse and this happened at the tail end of the track.

But when you listen to the song from the beginning, you could tell Sarkodie was actually throwing jabs and to end it with Manifest’s signature makes it even more suspicious.

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It is obvious Manifest could read in between the lines and picked most of his lines and replied him accordingly in his “god MC” track, let’s take a look at some of the lines in his lyrics and link them to what Sarkodie said and see if they are on point.

Sarkodie and M.anifest-Asiedu Nketiah

1. Sarkodie said

“Manifest meser? wo lemme just use your ‘dor dor dor ti dor’ to end this verse”

Manifest Replies,

“Go to the market, buy yourself some manners. Don’t use my name in vain, thats just for starters”

2. Sarkodie Said,

“Mehn I’m feeling bossy”

Manifest Replies,

“When the boss is around who can you boss around”

3. Sarkodie Said,

“I’m a king but I don’t feel I gotta wear a crown, Bossy”

Manifest Replies,

“What’s a king to a god emcee?”

4. Sarkodie said,

“Omo se Sarkodie ndropi punches. I can do it really but the point is, wo rapi na wo punchi pii aa Joe you sound immature.”

Manifest Replies,

“We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down.Even my nonfa back then had some sense in it”.

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However,after weeks of several arguments on who is better than the other in this rap game,Manifest has given his take on what we perceived to be a beef between Sark and himself.

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M.anifest in an interview with KOD on Live Fm Friday evening,said he has never had a beef with Sarkodie but it’s only philosophical differences people perceived.

“When I hear of beef,what runs in my mind is the exaggeration in showbiz by people…Everybody on social media has an opinion and there is no argument between us.”

KOD  asked him about his relationship with Sarkodie and he replied;”we are colleagues and there is this mutual respect.”

In response to when last he met or saw Sark,Manifest stated that he does not recall seeing his colleague  rapper recently.

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When KOD asked about their collaborations together, Manifest said that;

“We have collaborated and some of them are not out”

On Thursday September 8,Manifest will be launching his “No Where Cool” album.

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