Trudy Marcel, The Nurse Who Was Sacked For Doing Live Video At Post Is Back At Work
Trudy Ewurama Marcel

There is a proverb in Akan that states that some particular year can be full of woes to a particular person beyond reasonable understanding. And that situation best explains what has been happening to Trudy Ewurama Marcel.

For those who have forgotten Trudy Ewurama Marcel, let me refresh your mind. She is the nurse that went live on Facebook during working hours. Ghanaians and the hospital administration didn’t take it lightly and even suspended her for her actions.

She later got some highly respectable individuals to plead on her behalf and she was called back to the hospital but with a warning. Well, she is in the news again and this time too it’s not palatable.

A four bedroom house the junior nurse lives in has been gutted by fire last night. Everything in the house has been destroyed leaving nothing to be picked.

Trudy Ewurama Marcel

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Speaking to Kofi TV, Trudy revealed that she was called last night, Wednesday 25th when she was on night duties at the hospital to rush home because of a raging fire in her house. She got there to find nothing has survived and she is left with only the dress she was wearing.

Trudy told Kofi she doesn’t understand why 2017 has been such a bad year for her. It has been one incident after the other she said. gathers that the house belongs to the mother of her boyfriend who she stays with.


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