Natural anti-aging remedies-Foods that always keeps you younger

Natural Anti-Aging remedies

Nobody wants to grow old,most people nowadays are very conscious and aware of aging. Seems anti-aging is the order of the day.But anti aging or getting younger is worked on, it doesn’t just happen. To always look young depends on what we eat and the solution truly is on our plate.

However,how to go about it is the issue and most people are ignorant of the fact that it depends on what we eat and the kind of foods we eat.


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Firstly, a must for those who are serious about anti ageing is to include protein(also be mindful of the quantity of protein consumed) in the diet. While this would mean chicken( not GMO chickens but those you rear ), eggs and seafood for non vegans. For the vegetarians, it would mean including foods like peanut butter, fat free milk, yoghurt, and low fat cheese.

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Secondly , consuming a lot of greenish meal is very important for anti aging. Green foods include a lot of vegetables like cabbage ,” coco-yam leaves”,berries,kidney beans (full of potassium and zinc) which also improves your skin and keep you at bay.


Also,dark leafy greens vegetables can reduce bone loss and help you get better eyesight. Vegetables like Carrots, tomatoes are full of anti oxidants that fight age. Broccoli helps fight heart disease and also offers Vitamin C,which is  another great anti aging ingredient.


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A very important food to include in your diet is nuts. Almonds and walnuts boost energy and further more improve the functioning of the brain.



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