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Exposed: Former Tiger Eye Crew Member Reveals The True Identity Of Anas -His Name,Home Town &Family

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A man claiming to be a former member of Tiger Eye Crew headed by renowned investigative journalist Anas Arimiyao Anas has revealed that the man behind the mask that we have all come to accept as Anas is even not Anas and that he goes about his activities with his bare face.

The former member went further to reveal that Anas’ is a Christian and an Ewe from Adaklu in the Volta Region. His real name is Korshi Anyagli Mensah. The man who looked afraid from the interview also talked the family of Anas, his school and how he became who he is.

Interestingly, he revealed that the man in the man we are used to is sometimes popular journalists Kwaku Baako or another person from the crew. He added that the recent revelation that Anas’ mother had died in the North was a lie to throw people off who he really is.

“I used to work with them so I know how the Tiger Eye operates. The one in the mask is not the real Anas. It is Kweku Baako who wears the mask most of the time. Actually, they are two who interchangeably wear the mask. He is the right-hand man of the actual Anas, Korshi Anyagli who rather goes about without the mask”, he revealed while sticking his finger in the sand, placing it on his tongue and pointing it towards the sky to indicate how truthful to God he was being. According to him, the real Anas is from Abuadi-Adaklu, his grandfather called Zanu Ametsikpli.

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At Presec, he befriended a relative of Ibn Chambas who introduced him to Chambas himself, who in turn introduced him to the former president Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.

The former president is said to have been so impressed with his intelligence and took a special liking to him, personally drafting him into the secret service when he was still a sixth former at Presec. Later he was sponsored by the secret services to major in English at the University of Montreal, Canada, under an Islamic name for espionage reasons.

So throughout his university education, he pretended to be a Muslim while being trained as a spy. He privately read law concurrently while he was majoring in English and ended up with his first degrees in both. Both his parents are said to be members of the clergy and raised him to be very spiritual. His father, Kwasi Anyagli-Mensah and his mother Felicia Dade were said to be both Reverend Ministers of the Presbyterian church.

“The real Anas is simply being favored by God. If you are close to him, he talks about Jesus as his personal friend and spiritual guide. He once told me, his secret is Jesus and asked me to never go to Satan for anything in life. His source of confidence is however strange. I remember we once went on a secret mission in Afghanistan.

On our return, the plane was really having problems in the air to the extent that some of us were almost easing into our pants but he turned to me with a smile and said, “ So long as am in this plane with you, nothing evil will occur. Do you want me to stop the weather from misbehaving? I see you are dying from fear…”

“Though I did not think he could ask the weather to stop misbehaving, I nodded like a child, as I looked into his eyes with terror in my eyes. So he tore a piece of paper from the notepad on his lap and wrote on it, “I am nobody but today, I will help you guess who I may be. The weather will listen to what I have written now. Just watch.

In the name of my friend Jesus, you mischief – pregnant weather, clear away now before I get angry.” That was what he wrote on that side of the paper. At the back of it, he wrote, “We have been in many kinds of dangers together and I always ask you not to fear when you are with me. Perhaps for the sake of your peace, I owe you a reason for this assurance. As soon as you have read this, the weather will abate.”

“To my surprise, just as I finished reading the note, the weather cleared and the plane sailed on smoothly to Istanbul where we had another mission. He later told me that he was not just another human being but that would not be easy to explain so he would end it there. It was on that same journey that he told me that words are living spirits.

They are agents. Words are more than what we think they are. This is why they can cause havoc or bring peace and why I must always use them positively and I will always succeed. The real Anas is a deep, quiet Christian”, the former Tiger Eye investigator ended his exposé.

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