Frantomapa Educational Aid ~ Nurturing Critical Thinkers And Innovators


Frantomapa Educational Aid is a nonprofitable Charity Organisation in Ghana that aims to nurture critical thinkers and Innovators to propel the much needed human and technological development of Ghana.

Frantomapa was founded in 2015 by Selina Agyei and Abigail Sarfo both educationist from the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana. They equally hold Postgraduate Certificate In Project Management and Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource respectively.

In line with the core mandate of nurturing critical thinkers and innovators, Frantomapa has been able to undertake the following activities since its inception 2 years ago:

1. Donate Educational materials and facilities to less privileged schools.
The following institutions have benefited from Frantomapa:

* Ankwansu Anglican Basic School – Eastern Region
* Tinkong Presby School – Eastern Region
* Stand up for kids foundation – Greater Accra Region
* Foster Home orphanage – Frafraha – Greater Accra Region

2. Gives scholarships to needy students

* Ankwansu Basic school – Eastern Region
(Two brilliant but needy students are being sponsored through school. They are in their 2nd year at Mampong Presec SHS)

3. Organises Maths and Science Quiz for basic schools

* St. Francis JHS Vrs Adenta Community JHS Vrs Abubakar Sidiq JHS Vrs Adjirganor – Greater Accra Region

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) For Development

Some disciplines are vital and unavoidable not only in an educational journey but also throughout the journey of man’s life and a major propellor of National development. Quiet unfortunately those disciplines turn to be the very school children prefer to avoid in their studies mainly because of the “myth” surrounding them.

The most vital disciplines that are inevitable in the educational journey and that of life are Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

As part of Frantomapa’s core mandate of nurturing critical thinkers and innovators for national development, “STEM FOR DEVELOPMENT” has been created to break the “myth” that surrounds the studying of these very important educational disciplines.

The Modus Operandi for implementing STEM are as follows:

1. Occasional Counselling for Basic, Junior, and Senior High School students across the nation on the merits of studying STEM and to eradicate the myth that it’s only reserved for very few brilliant people.

2. Frequent organization of Quiz competition between schools on mainly STEM courses to reduce fear for STEM among school children

* The first STEM quiz was held at Adenta Municipality between St. Francis JHS, Adenta Community JHS, Abubakar Sidiq JHS and Adjirganor JHS all in the Greater Accra Region. St. Francis JHS Emerged the winner.

3. Education tours: With STEM being practical disciplines, occasional educational tours for students who lack this basic necessity in their schools will go a long way to encourage the love for the disciplines

Frantomapa Educational Aid believes the only way for Ghana to rapidly catch up with already developed countries in the world is to invest in children by giving them the necessary education that will enable them to compete with the outside world in a positive manner.

Frantomapa Educational Aid has opened her doors to individuals, institutions, and other charity organizations that believes in nurturing critical thinkers and innovators to come on board to help achieve the vision.


(The educational standard of Ghana must always be HIGH!!)

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