Video: Frema Ashkar Blasts Chris Vincent For Calling Sarkodie An Arrogant And Illiterate Douche-Bag

Popular blogger Chris Vincent came under serious attack after his write up about Ghana’s finest rapper Sarkodie sparked anger on social media with fans and lovers of music trolled him for such a ‘stupid’ write up.

The case of this blogger[Chris Vincent] is how Sarkodie disrespected a female fan. He went on in his write up to call Sarkodie an illiterate and arrogant douche-bag.

The beautiful ‘Good Morning Ghana” hostess on Metro TV Frema Ashkar has also thrown shades at Chris Vincent for calling Sarkodie an illiterate with his write up claiming it’s unprofessional and bad journalism.

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“Anything that Chris Vincent put out, I will not take it ‘hook line centre’. I will take it with a pinch of salt. He has done a lot of reports, I will not say a lot but I have seen reports from him that are not accurate, that are factual, they are completely false.”

“What shows this is not one of them. Somebody who can put out false reports, This could be false. Somebody who exaggerates, who sometimes doesn’t get his facts right, who I think wants to get problems by insulting people.”

When asked whether it can be classified as bad journalism, this was her response:

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“Absolutely, you can decide to write it out but you don’t go to the extent of insulting somebody. don’t you know what happened? Sarkodie is a superstar and once you are out there, people will meet you, people probably might not know what goes on in your mind.”

Frema further explained the consequences that might have led to the wite up.

“There might be a probability that His[Sarkodie] mind was somewhere else. He could be on a bad day.”

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She stressed that Chris Vincent should have done better as it shows how ungentlemanly he is

“But you don’t go to the extent of insulting him. This is very ungentlemanly and it is very unprofessional. As a journalist, you don’t go about calling people douche-bag, it very bad and ungentlemanly” she ended.

Frema Ashkar is the manageress of ‘Bue Kwan’ hitmaker, Kwabena Kwabena.

Watch the video below…

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