‘It’s unfortunate Zionfelix allowed himself to be used for such a cheap job” -Frema Ashkar, Kwabena Kwabena’s manager fumes

On Tuesday, 5th December 2017, Zionfelix broke the news that when Highlife artist Kwabena Kwabena was launching his album at the Plus 233 Jazz Bar & Grill, the ex-wife of Kwabena Kwabena, Abena Owusuaa Dwamena stormed the place with Police Officers to deliver a court summons to the artist.

From the report, the act by the ex-wife and the police created some sort of scene which was very embarrassing for the musician.

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Well, the manageress of the artist has responded to these claims by the website which has since gone viral. Speaking to Reagan Mends of razzonline, Frema Ashkar expressed disappointment in Zionfelix, the site which broke the news. She said:

“Have seen some report going round from Zionfelix that there was tension at the launch and some police came there with Kwabena Kwabena ex-wife and a whole lot of issues. First, nothing like that happened… we started around 8 pm, we had a fantastic show till about 1:00 am when we closed, nobody saw anything like that I am the head of Kwabena’s management team; if something like that had happened before, during or even after the show, I believe I would’ve been the first person to no this.”

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“I didn’t see a Policeman at the launch… nobody saw it …there were alot of bloggers at the event including you Reagan, Sammy K, Miss Gee, Konkonsa. I did not understand why bloggers were calling me after the event asking me of the incident since they were present themselves to ask me where this was coming from especially from a blogger who was not at the event.”

“I think it is very very unfortunate that certain journalist will sit behind their desk and do story out or will not go and verify any hit or tip of what they have been given but they will just sit behind their desk and do report.

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Frema continued,”These things have gone on for so many times.. anytime there’s going to be an event; things like this will pop up… Kwabena Kwabena has done this, that.. most of the time am dragged in and it is time, that people need to really prove their report.

it cannot be going on like this that anytime there is a concert somebody has a problem and will just walk to a blogger and the blogger will just get up and do the report, there are two bloggers in this country who are fond of that”

“…and I think we need to address this issue Once and for all…I must put it on record that some action as management must be taken to end these things…for me what I can deduce from it is it appears this story was cooked…you (Razzonline)were there you’ve done your beautiful story …who ever is behind this…this is a clear case of defamatio.

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I am a journalist and when I see something like this I deem it quite unfortunate … whoever is behind this, we will all meet at the appropriate corners and we will resolve it orderly.”

“We do not believe in fighting…as long as the launch was concern nothing of that sort happened it is unfortunate that a journalist will do something like this just to divert attention…we have our beautiful album out our …preparing for the video.”

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“Now if a young man is working hard and has brought the only highlife album currently why would you want to destroy his hard work?.am sure Ghanaians are even tired of all these issues…for us, vitamilk has bought our album of Ghc10,000.00… many influential people were there…we will be having our tour soon….nothing can destruct us…

“This is one journalist who has allowed himself to be used as an instrument to carry out somebody mischief..it’s unfortunate that Zionfelix should allow himself to be used for such a cheap job,” Frema Ashkar concluded.

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