Full Lyrics of Sarkodie’s Kanta song (M.anifest diss)

Sarkodie unleashed his venom on M.anifest after M.anifest dropped his godMC track, This is  the full lyrics in which Sarkodie attacked M.anifest claim to Afrocentrism and god status. Well, check it out:

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Yea!, kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta,

Yea!, kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta, yea!

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Uhh! sika d??so w? Ghana

Still a y? hustle w? Ashaiman

Street fo? ?to Hosanna

Cos sakawa boys agye block no ?dan ma

Ma ship-e me p? a na m? ragga for summer

Cos aban sika die no koraa cause drama

Obi nk? k? bisa Braimah Kamoko s?

Nku no a ? use no Prima

Politics, evil (yea)

ni*gga no laugh on the people

Obi nse ?manpanin s? me hia no

Sarkodie just wanna meet you

Sesei a de? cash no a lock-e

Na companies ak?se? koraa mpo ?mo a-chock-e

Na wonhu s? Charterhouse koraa ?mo a-pause-e

Me charge-e me fees a obiaa ntumi n-sort-e

The industry, is falling

Company biaa ey? overhauling

Shatta paa first na balling

But sesei a ?hu bottles koraa na dodging

Me p? legitimate, no kuluulu

But after the privilege

To be used to the system in Ghana

Me mia mani s? nka memm? kor?no

But s? menny? a agye s? Yesu

Now we just facing recession

My country is lacking progression

Sesei a November election

I hope s? the people go teach you a lesson

I got love for Mahama and I’ve got love too for Nana

Yea! me respect-e leaders

)ba bi biaa m?ka cos Sark d? Ghana

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Yea, kanta, kanta,

Now I think we gotta switch it up

Are you ready?



Tie! me t?? dross w? Kanta, salmon, agushi ne hamper

Terry me ser? wo a b? m?den a na girl na ?k? ?n-drop-e ne number

See me I’m far from a rapper

Me no me swag y? dapper

Obi b? diss-e me a na ?ny? rapper ?de GTP ntoma pam kaba

Me no me rap y? authentic

Jay-Z a ya mix-e with Kendrick

Nansa yi s? boys nni swag na s? ntaade no nn??so a ?mo claim-e afro-centric

Nt?t?feefee wanna diss

The beat I run and push, onua wo y? bitch

Joo na s? beef na wop? a, get your numbers up ny? sa a m? serve-e wo fish

Smart move, ?b? diss-e Obidi de a-promote-i album

Mea no me feel-i wo flow no nso ka nower? wo nnwom nni kurom tes? Atom

Sark no go beef you for nothing

ni*gga already you suffering

Me n-waste-i me flow in a new beat ?n-diss-e and pay for production

Niggas dey diss me for promo

Maso ay? hye w? Toronto

See, I’ll help you for free but ?firi nn? kor? no we [will] be working pro bono

I gave you the highest retweets

Gave you some bath on the street

I know you dey aim for my spot but you think my position be cheap

Only time you sound good is when you rap on your own

Ma feature wo twice, all you dey claim say you not in your zone

Mo ankasa mo ay? lucky, ma sieve me flow cos I’m grown

No be say ni*gga no dey rap, you no dey qualify for the throne

Me mete so, matwa me seven

Obidi meb? wo din a kyer? s? wob? k? Heaven

Feeling na mede rap-e no na ma boy gye me di

Nti na obiaa p? s? otu amirika tes? me

Yea, TM boys Omar Sterling

Yea, we go drop the crown so God willing

2040 na mentae nha adwene

Nti m?yi mahenky? na me da so afa adwene

Hey, ?ny? aduro o, e be favour

My success go turn you into hater

I got the keys, keys, keys, keys

Focus and stack in your paper

At least I gave you some mileage

Just make sure you use it

Please don’t you be disrespectful

Your fans go dey always push you to prove it

Ma big-e wo up for the summer

All I need back is a thank you!

Of course I go pass on the torch

ni*gga but definitely ain’t you

Ei! akoa wei ne br?fo ak?se?

Fa k? k? lecture w? Legon

Oh! punch de? ?-punch-e

?no ?nt? asaase gye kiosk w? Klagon

Y? a mo se Sark mp? beef

Yea, cos it doesn’t make sense

How can I rap to the world

Whiles you, you dey rap to your friends

Apart from s? SarkNation rep-e me brand no

ni*gga your fans be my fans

Tie, this is not a diss song

I’m just tryna give you a chance

Sesei a madane philanthropist

Giving you hype for free

I made sure I show you some love

So say you niggas go see

Ny? s? ebia Sark is scared

You just don’t match up with me

Like Ken Agyapong ne Afia Schwarzenegger

The beef no dey be

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Dis one sef e no be say man dey talk anything

Just, you know sometimes you guys feel like

Sarkodie from way back is not like how I used to be

But ni*gga I’m still the same old same

That guy, that TM boy

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Ya na boys bi se ?mo y? best

Metie mo flow no, not really the impressed

Sark n-rap-e, Sark n-rap-e

Nso moho kyere mo a na mo p? verse

Sarkodie I’m a blessing and a curse

They think I’m possessed

Ya montw?n na meho ntwamu first

Cos me daso drop-e flow de? a forget

Mo a ya na rap k?m de mo no

Obidi y? mo chef

?ya mommra menky?n meny? mo test

?ya mo mbisa, who is next?

Me gyae mo h? kakra s? mey? Mary

Afei ?h? a na boys a-look-i sharp

Me switch-e y? na scene no mu ay? blurry

Obiaa nk? p? baabi nna cos now the King is back

Hwan na ?maa mo kwan s? momm? wura mu

Hwan na ?maa mo dan s? momm? tena mu

Sarkodie s? kasahare twa mu koraa anibr? nti me gyina mu

Mo throat mu ay? fin a mo npepamu cos me daso kitamu

Me start-e rap-e y? na madi twelve

At the age of 21 na menni plug

22, 23 na me push-e truck

26 ?mo se me deal-i drugs

Mehn I know some rappers wanna diss

They beat about the bush, mo y? bitch

Mo ay? lucky s? obiaa nni Ghana ha mesuro no

Nti me list a matwer? no Africa fo? six

?no koraa mpo no ?y? mixed

Khuli, Chana, Ice, M.I., ni*gga eerrmm

Nice, ?na Cassper

Me kye no a m? kyer? no s? me y? Jedi

As? wo true religion ba b?toto Levite

Swag na wonni oo nny? s? ebia you no wan shadda

Dope rapper b?n na ?de Woodin pam kaba?

Afro-centric, masa wo swa

Nti y? a b? me din na try na ?ny? kasa

Yea, killer on da mic

Ny? s? wo te rap, you are riding on a hype

Stunt on you niggas like am flipping on a bike

Me hia girl, I need peace, I wanna hide

That one sef be punchline, I no sure …..

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