Funny Face can go days without touching or playing with the twins – Vanessa

Funny Face can go days without touching or playing with the twins - Vanessa
Funny Face-Vanessa

The fight between Funny Face and his baby mama Vanessa we believe is not ending anytime soon.

According to his baby mama Vanessa, Funny Face is a different person altogether when there are no camera’s around him. She reveals that its at that time that he shows off his real character and attitude.

Followers of Funny Face and social media users know for a fact that he is always talking about his love for children and always shares videos of himself playing with his twins Ella and Bella.

Well, his wife has come out to reveal that Funny Face could sometimes stay for days without playing or touching the twins just because he has a misunderstanding with her Vanessa.

Speaking with Rashad of Ghpage from her home in Kumasi, she narrated that Funny Face has this anger that whenever he picks a fight with her he involves everyone which includes their twins.

Sharing a story of one of such incident, she disclosed that there was this day that they had a misunderstanding that made Funny Face leave the house, he returned later in the day with some crew of Kasoa Trotro to shoot in their house.

Upon his arrival to the house, she was bathing for one of their twins while the other one was crying out loud he passed without picking her up but rather came back later and started hurling insults at her (Vanessa) saying her children are trying to destroy his dream.

Watch the video below:

Funny Face is yet to come out and respond to all these allegations levelled against him by his baby mama.