Funny Face Divorced His Wife 7 Months Ago & Kept It In The Dark|Here’s What happened

Funny Face Divorced His Wife

Funny Face Divorced His Wife-Popular Comedian Benson Ohene Oduro Boateng, alias Funny Face has divorced his two-year marriage to his wife Elizabeth Nana Ajoa Ntim. Funny Face married his long time girlfriend, Nana Adjoa  at a low key ceremony in December 2014,thats a year and half ago.

However,it appears the difficult task for our celebrities is to stay married. It’s not surprising why most of them do not even want to get married because the marriage just don’t last,because of the “groupie love”  It’s just a few who have managed to remained married after many years.


There was a publication in flex newspaper sometime ago about his divorce.

Dan Lartey, who wrote that piece in Flex News paper said , Funny Face started receiving text messages from friends and loved ones few days after he got married to his girl friend about the character of the lady he had married.

Funny Face as a man did not just follow rumors but rather made his own investigations to gather concrete evidence before taking any action.


Obviously, Funny Face’s statement on his official Instagram account seems the marriage had been over even before it started but attempts to resolve the matter didn’t work hence the break up.


According to Funny Face, the divorce was some 7 months ago and we know he got married 2 years ago, meaning the marriage ended after a year and 5 months.

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