Funny Face drops more secrets claiming Victoria Lebene is cheating on her husband

Funny Face Victoria Lebene Nkonkonsa
Funny Face Victoria Lebene Nkonkonsa

Funny Face looks ready to pounce on anyone who crosses the line over his resuscitated baby mama drama.

After ranting all weekend and releasing a string of videos meant to expose his estranged baby mama for abusing him while they were together, the comedian turned his attention to media personality turned minister, Maame Yeboah Asiedu.

Funny Face vilified Maame Yeboah and blamed her for being an invisible hand behind his now strained relationship with his baby mama.

The comic actor was livid over the fact that a woman who parades herself as a great counsellor and adviser had negatively influenced his relationship.

The entertainer called Maame Yeboah unspeakable names in a video he had posted on Instagram.

However, blogger Eugene Osafo Nkansah known in the media fraternity as Nkonkonsa reposted Funny Face’s video with the caption, ”Comedian @therealfunnyface rants again about the mother of his twins and also sent a strong warning to Maame Yeboah Asiedu.”

His caption obviously rubbed Funny Face the wrong way as he took to the comment section and slandered Eugene in a message that read, ”“Rants again? Really bro @nkonkonsa when u know some of da things .. cos I remember I brushed it with u some time ago .. but because of likes and views .. you are here saying am ranting !! ? Woy3 aboaaa piiiiiiii … siaaaa .. don’t let me bring ur baby mama in .. what’s her name again? I shy for u sef .. u blog abt people and talk abt people but what is in ur closet is worse dan odwan trumu ????.”

The comedian threatened to bring even more corpses out of Eugene’s closet for being a bad friend and a snake.

To this end, the comic actor has dropped more fire as in a recent post he insinuated that actress Victoria Lebene who happens to be Eugene’s wife is cheating at the blind side of the blogger.


Funny Face Nkonkonsa
Funny Face Nkonkonsa

Again, the Kasoa based entertainer expressed that Eugene had no idea the kind of woman he is living with asserting that Victoria is even worse off.

In another post on Instagram which read “ GYE NYAME “ ? ? #FunnyFans stay tuned .. “ 3bubor ba ! 3n3 social media so b3y3 d3 to “ He thinks is a joke … by the time dis fool will learn to stop .. den all da dirty secrets of her baby mama will be out and he will wish he never started.. Eugene Gyimii gyimiiiii u wanna start dis with me .. let’s goo .. ?? I pity ur relatives who will come to read dis .. odwan TRu*** #Funnyfans mon fa so so mami ? u tease me in my time of pain .. when urs is worse ??? I will give u da kofieee kowu injection soon and u will never talk abt me again till u find out who u really living with ?? kwasiaaaakwa ! ??? “ ONE MAN THOUSAND “, Funny Face spitefully revealed more secrets.

Neither Nkonkonsa nor his celebrity wife has responded to these claims and we promised to keep you posted as the story develops.

In another story, Ghpage has contacted Funy Face’s baby mama, Vanessa, and her mum in an attempt to get their part of the story.

Vanessa levelled several allegations of abuse against Funny Face which were really upsetting.


Funny face and his baby mama’s exchanges seem far from being over.