Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Lost Their Shine With Time | #5’s Is Very Sad, He was Talented

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Tinny, was very popular not more than 5 years ago. He had several popular songs and his mastery of the Ga language rap was simply amazing. But it looks like he couldn’t stand the competition when younger faces popped up in the industry.

He has tried several means to bounce back but is not clicking. He has even tried to stage fake news just to be relevant but still. I feel for him you know.


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Tic Tac

Not long ago, who were to talk of Ghana rap game without mentioning Tic Tac’s name. He was the game. And his fans loved him for his hit songs.

But last few years have seen him fading out of the industry. He has lost his shine and barely counted as a musician. He never learned to adapt and move with the flow. He Refused to change and he has been left behind. how unfortunate.



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