From Hero To Zero: Meet Ghanaian Celebs Who Were Rich But Died Poor [Photos

As difficult as creating wealth maybe, for Ghanaian celebs, holding on to the wealth after they gain it have proven much difficult for most of them.

With all the responsibilities and easy access to all your desires, don’t be surprise when you see ones rich folks now poor.

With fame often comes fortune, but that fortune is not always easy to keep. brings you 4 very popular Ghanaian celebs who were very famous and rich during their hay days but died broke.

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Keyboardist of the legendary OSIBISA. One of the best musical talents Africa has seen. Recently, his daughter Vanessa Gyan accused the Osibisa group of ignoring her father when times were hard.

To this, Founding father of the group, Teddy Osei came out to say Vanessa did not know much. That the group bought a house for Kiki at age 18 in England.

A house in England at 18? Thats how rich Kiki Gyan was. He had it all but drugs took it all.

He was rumoured to be begging for money before his demise. Kiki Gyan died on June 10, 2004 at home from illness associated with his drug abuse


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