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Ghanaian ladies marry celebs because of their fame – kwabena Kwabena

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Highlife musician George Kwabena Adu, popularly called Kwabena Kwabena, has revealed that he is scared to be in a relationship after two crashing marriages.

Kwabena Kwabena

According to him, those two women married him because he was famous and that had resulted in their break up.

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“The reason why I’m scared is that it is so difficult for a celebrity to get genuine love. It is so difficult,” he said.

Some few years down the line, Kwabena Kwabena and his first wife divorced due to claims allegedly labeled against her ‘Abena Owusua’ that she had used Juju on ‘Kwabena Kwabena‘ which resulted in the collapse of the first marriage.

According to him, his two marriages were unsuccessful because his divorced wife’s, expected him to be without faults.

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It is unfortunate when people come to you out of the fact that you are Kwabena Kwabena,” he stated.

Bola Ray quizzed if that meant the ladies did not marry him because they loved him, Kwabena Kwabena said;

“I can confidently say that both marriages were like that…due to the circumstances by which I met them. Both women are not women I went out there looking for,” he said in his defense.

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