Some Ghanaian Military Women Cry Out To Ghanaian Men Not To Fear But Propose To Them

Ghanaian Military Women Cry Out To Ghanaian Men

This is an interesting subject because when it comes to relationships and the matter of choices—Everyone has their own preferences.

However, some Ghanaian military women feel they are being stereotyped as they feel Ghanaian men don’t make advances towards them because they are wearing ‘the uniform.’

According to what gathered, these frustrated military women are at the Burma Camp and they mentioned that Ghanaian men fear to propose not to talk about marrying them.

When quizzed as to why men feel reluctant to ask them out, one said, they only reason could be that the men are afraid them.

These army women appear to feel that, they have sacrificed their love life at the expense to serve their country and that decision is really costing them.

“ We took the hard decision to defend and serve mother Ghana and we never anticipated that it was going to cost us an opportunity to find our life partners”, Memuma Sadick, 26 ( NB: Real Name Withheld).

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One also stated that it’s been years she has been in the service and not a single man have approached her and that’s worrying.

“It has been more than 4yrs in the service and not a single man has made an attempt to approach me not to talk of proposing to me. Apart from being a military woman, I am human too with needs.., how do you expect me to give out my best when those needs are not met?” Martha Mahama, 29 (Real name withheld.)

Well, this has to be a matter of choices and how they carry themselves around.Nevertheless, I have also seen a lot of military women who are happily married.And according to them the numbers are not encouraging and there are a lot of them who remained spinsters for the rest of their lives and this is the time to tell their story.

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So now, guys what do you think and why do you not propose to military women? Share your views in the comment section below.

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  1. Tell them to please find time ….free themself around in occasions and their communities relates and mingle….i think it should help somehow…but any someone need wife badly …..anyone interested should call 0202960205

  2. Good afternoon, I haven’t meet one or been in a relationship with one before,you know the mind and how they training of this solders are. To me the ladies are hard very over discipline and that what makes other men to be afraid of them. I knw they also have needs and are humans who the right to get married. This is also my contact 0243570619. All the best to our military ladies.

  3. Our military women are som way scarery, they make themselves flexible and charming, they shjould not hesitate to mingle with men, and I would like to tell them that there is NO SHAME TO PROPOSE TO A MAN YOU THING CAN BE YOUR LIFE PARTNER.

  4. This is worrisome but in every challenge there must be an ultimate solution. They should also try social networking with the good young men out there and things will surely work. For more information, any of them who is serious and is ready for settlement can call me on 0269217411 and we can start a journey of hope. Thanks.

  5. I am Bill an honest and good Christian who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays. I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person. I am an honest,loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, sexual, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener who is easy to get along with. I am outgoing and very spontaneous… any interested military lady should contact this number …0554179197


  7. I have never got scared just that some men see’s you girls personalities to be high that is why but you WhatsApp or call on this contact 05453** so that we can get to know each other more

  8. For real
    We men are scared to propose a date with a military lady.
    Naturally it’s a fear, sometimes guys think some military women are men, they have the drilling attitudes,
    Man is always considered to be the head making decisions but with a military woman guys think that can not work.
    Most guys had passed stories about military women bitten/floping their guys up
    Besides all this the uniform, hmmmmm
    Every Ghanaian fears it.

  9. That’s very true we scared of them not that they are not human they are but the uniform and the way look scared us from them am single i want Army woman my number 0264088575

  10. Tell them that we don’t see them in occasions by the I seriously need a military woman to be with this my digits 0542054677 interested lady should call me am in nungua

  11. Most civilian women are terror-prone more than even men-soldiers
    l prefer hot,disciplined
    women because l’m too cool, but tough ,cant be bullied. Only hitch is this should’ve happened when we were younger.There were virtually no lady soldiers or l would’ve taken 4: Dagbani, Asante, Eve, and Banda.

  12. I believe is all about fear, in every relationship there are misunderstandings, no man believes he can be beating by a woman, that is not it, but the fear is she’ll go and call her fellow military men to lynch you, they’re beautiful, but the men around them is our fear

  13. I have searched for them for long… I sometime approached a military woman and she asked if i can handle her? And that question alone scared me away… Lol… But still searching..

  14. They fear men but don’t fear bullet,what kind of training did they have?They should feel free to approach us if they feel love for us.After all,proposal is not meant for only men.

  15. I never dreamt of hovering around a military woman cos their uniform is “scary”. Notwithstanding, I always ask myself if I approach any n receives an ak47 riffle slap who’ll I complain to since they beliv in do b4 complaining. Now dat they have fervently come discovering their hidden treasures n love horoscope, we’re prepared to take them to d altar. It’s also believed dat they don’t mk tym fr their partners while in a serious relationship. Perhaps, when I’ll b spending some tym with, u r at discharging ur duty expectedly. I’m single if any military woman is interested n wants us to solve d mathematical equation of “TRUE LOVE” romantically, den I’m jxt a phone call frm her location: 0540472662.

  16. My view is that they are confined in the barracks and worst of all they are always somewhere in the jungles training. They should come out and let the men see them. I believe they have all that it takes to be loved.

  17. I need one but God fearing person because i already fear God, please contact me now if one is interested in being relationship with me please… 29 years old.

  18. If they need men to ask them out, they should find time to attend social events like parties, weddings, funerals and the rest. They should also endeavor to reduce the rate at which the waer their uniforms. Better still, they can quit their profession and become nurses of teachers. For many of us, we can’t marry military women because we can’t stay in the military camps; we want to live in natural environments.

  19. If they mean it,why not.if,mountain will not go to Mohammed,Mohammed must go to the mountain.slim,or average body with small&simple standing breast is my favorite.connect me 0268213320.hurry please because, am for just 1.

  20. Comment: indeed the uniform alone scare us but i know is just respect we are honouring them. I wish i even marry one. Here is my number 0271555475..


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