Ghana government to send 375 nurses to work in Barbados

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Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Adoo has come to a consensus with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley of the Carribean Island Barbados to send 375 nurses to their Island to work in their various government hospital.

This was brought forth during a working day’s visit to the Island, the President of Ghana and the Prime Minister of Barbados held a bilateral discussion in Bridgetown on Friday.

“we have indicated that we are searching for just under 400 nurses, so it is not a small number, and we really do believe that this is a wonderful opportunity of co-operation between our two countries”, the Barbadian Prime Minister addressing a press conference after the bilateral talks.

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Going forward, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley remarked that there was an initial promise to secure the nurses and provide collaborative educational programs all in an attempt to secure Barbados’ healthcare division. The Island is presently encountering critical nursing scantiness.

On his regard, Nana Adoo Dankwa Akuffo Addo communicated that “we have a surplus of nurses and placing them all in our public health system is one of my headaches. There have been a lot (of nurses) produced, which, for several years, we have not been able to do anything with.”

He uttered that, when he arrives in Ghana, the Prime Minister will hear from him concerning the subject.

A 2005 cultural, technical and scientific agreement signed between the two countries has been dormant for 14 years, President assured to reactivate.

The bilateral talks also touched on transportation and tourism, with the two nations concurring to work on air services agreement. So as to boost trade and people-to-people connect, the two nations will set-up air links.

On the front of renewable energy, Nana Addo exhibited the wish to join with Barbados, a nation which has a colossal ability in the field, and Ghana’s dedication to grow the renewable energy component of her energy generation mix.

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As an expression of the close relationship between the Ghana and Barbados, President Akuffo Addo revealed his devotion to establishing of a consulate in Barbados and Barbados set to lay a High Commission in Accra by the close of 2019.

The discussions also touched on tourism and transportation, with the two countries agreeing to work on an air services agreement. This will establish direct air links between the two countries, so as to boost trade and people-to-people contact.

On the issue of renewable energy, the President expressed the desire to collaborate with Barbados, a country which is giant in that field, and reiterated Ghana’s commitment to increase the renewable energy component of her energy generation mix.

As a demonstration of the close ties between Ghana and Barbados, the President expressed his commitment to the establishment of a Consulate in Barbados, with Barbados set to establish a High Commission in Accra by the end of 2019.


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