Motivation: Story Of How A Ghanaian Trotro Mate Turns Millionaire Owning Over 60 Luxurious Cars-Must Read

Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran CEO of YOKs Investments Limited
Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran

Seth Ocran who is now the CEO of YOKs Investments Limited (a millionaire) was born at Kpeve in the Volta Region and has been blessed with six children with her wife – five boys and a girl. His hobbies include reading, watching football, swimming and playing table tennis.

Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran CEO of YOKs Investments Limited
Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran

Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran as any other Ghanaian dreamt of having the best education and becoming a great man in future but his dreams, however, were killed when he suddenly became an orphan at age of 14.

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Seth’s hopes of turning his dreams into reality were still high when he obtain admission to the St. Augustine’s College in Cape Coast for his secondary school education.

However, he was forced to drop out from the secondary school after a sudden departure of his parents and his poor guardians could not assist him, so he became a trotro mate for over two years in which he learned how to drive and became a driver.

Speaking with The Mirror newspaper in a heavy interview, Ocran, the now CEO of YOKs Investments Limited, narrated how he managed to overcome all the hard knocks and turn his life around from desperation and valueless of being a trotro mate to happiness and wholesome of owning YOKs-Rent, a multi-million dollar car rental business that display over 60 luxurious cars.

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Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran CEO of YOKs Investments Limited
Seth Kwao Yeboah Ocran

Ocran on her early life said his mother, who was a kenkey seller, faced a sudden death when he was in his first year of secondary school and the pain adversely affected his father, who was then left alone to fund for 22 children.

Ocran’s father, who was then a civil servant, also met the same fate as his mother when he got to his second year of secondary, forcing him to drop out of school and become a trotro mate (bus conductor) in order to maintain survival in life.

On His Struggling Life………..

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