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Ghanaians slam Mcbrown for revealing she didn’t inform Despite Media before leaving UTV

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During an interview with Johnny Huges earlier yesterday, Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown exclusively revealed why she left Despite Media – And her revelation has landed her into deep trouble on social media.

Without mincing words and setting the records straight, the veteran actress disclosed on live radio that she left UTV without noticing her former employers because she deliberately refused to tender in her resignation letter.

The former host of United Showbiz who just joined Media General has explained that she never signed a contract with her former employers at UTV.

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McBrown further detailed what led to her absence from United Showbiz as well as matters that influenced her decision to call it quits.

“I told my previous employers that I wanted to hold on from December. Let’s think of something new to do, that’s what I said to them. I was expecting them to call and say come let’s think about what is new.

“However, I don’t have a contract with anybody so if nobody is minding me, I have the right to move on…I am not here to explain much. This is me, I pray about every step I make, I don’t just move,” she said.

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Meanwhile, the seasoned actress who wants to be remembered for her passion for work maintained that she owes her success story to herself considering all the years of hard work and sacrifices.

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“Whoever is saying what about me, I leave that person to God because I know myself and I know I have worked my way through here. I didn’t come here just for the sake of my beauty or maybe my smile. I have worked to make my smile impactful. I am here because I have worked, oh Jonnie I have worked!” she hammered with pride.

McBrown also expressed her appreciation to her new family for the grand welcome party at her unveiling ceremony on Monday, March 13, 2023.

“You have no idea how I am relieved and happy to be a part of this family. You have no idea…I wasn’t expecting the grand welcome…to have Captain Smart and the rest to wear my t-shirt with Berla around going live, yourself, Jonnie, the drums. I wasn’t expecting that, It was beautiful. Right there, I felt home,” McBrown disclosed.

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Below are how some disappointed social media users have reacted to Mcbrown’s confession of not informing her former bosses before leaving her old workplace – Which is very unprofessional.

genevivergyau24 – She didn’t do well at all…. Even if there was no signed contract, come and work with us and you agreed is also a form of contract so if you’re leaving, you can equally use that same means of communication in letting them know you’re leaving but as you said, probably there’s something in her mind and that one it’s only between her and God

Those supporting Nana Ama would have been more hurt than despite media if their friend got up one day and unsubscribed to their friendship just like that without a reason. I personally think a thank you and a goodbye note wouldn’t hurt at all. Congratulations Nana Ama and remember what goes around comes around

– She should’ve still let them know she’s leaving. Why was she giving coco and Bill stories about her arm and brand.

dr_darko38bckp – How long did it take UTV to plan for tour entertainment show? I doubt it was a month or two. It took Fada quite sometime to come up the concept and the face of this show. I remember your meeting at depite’s House with fada , you captioned it yourself Nana Ama. And even after that caption “something big is about to happen, watch out” it took another 3 months for us to see the fruit of that meeting. Now you want them to all of a sudden ,plan a new one for you in a space of 2 months because it us tarnishing your brand according to you. And if you didn’t hear from them you could not also make the move to understand te situation then move on appropriately. You are nit speaking to the issue which is that of courtesy and respect. The same that Fada and Co had for you throughout your stay at their station. Come ff that lame excuse of “I don’t have a contract ” and be professional.

mista__morgan Nana Ama got it all wrong. Nana Ama in her own words sometime ago said is the despite media which thought her what to do on TV she new nothing as at the time she was coming. They grommed you they were the once that gave this confidence on TV. Adaraka madam you owe them big time. You family already what prevented you from sitting down with them even if u want to leave. You could have done better nana Ama

5917_miss – There was no contract (written) so she hasn’t breached any, yes, but there was a verbal offer of a job and a verbal acceptance which with time has built a beautiful relationship, therefore like Nebu stated if she was not hearing from them and decides to leave, she can equally communicate to them verbally and say goodbye. What prevented her from approaching her employers during the space of not hearing from them after the meeting anyway, due to how close they were? Indeed may be something new was being planned. This her tiny reason isn’t enough….there must be another.

adorable_abena_thelma – No contact because they saw you beyond employee ,so you mean to say kwami sefa kai is working without any contact because of his brand?Is your brand bigger than him? Madman a good bye does not kill brand or??. You think kwame will ask those kind of questions on his show. You invite people to ask them people they are sleeping with like seriously ? eii hmm

So because they were not saying anything about what you told them nti you’ve to move on just like that without uttering any word ? your wish cannot be their command and who knows if they were planning towards it??? It’s sad tho Nana you didn’t do well with this ?

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