Guru deserves an olympics gold medal,for being the smartest “stealer” of our time

Guru,the smartest “stealer” of our time,needs an olympics gold medal for that

A new Social media sensation Divine Diamond who is known for her viral video dubbed “Are You Aware?” has accused award-winning rapper Guru of stealing her intellectual property.

Guru, on September 26th, released a song with the same title and rhythm featuring Benji.

On seeing the song, Divine went on Accra-based Pluzz FM to level allegations against the rapper.

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According to Divine, the term “Are You Aware?” and the rhythm was her intellectual property so she demands compensation from Guru’s management.

However, in response to this allegation, Guru’s manager, Ray Moni, admitted that Divine owns the intellectual property and promised to settle the issue amicably.

Ray admitted saying “Yes, Guru took her song. Even though the original song has been in existence for some time now, we admit that she made it popular. Even if you listen to the song, you will realise that Guru gave her credit.”
He added that “I will contact her and even feature her in the song’s music video”.

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The original song is titled “Yesu Ni Wangu” by South African children group Watoto Children’s Choir but has been reproduced in different versions over the years, one gospel versions done by Francis Agyei and that of the latest version by Divine Diamond.

This is the video Divine Diamond did , that we posted on facebook; If you missed it–Watch it;

However,nobody can doubt Guru’s creativity .His songs composition and his “village”rap-style coupled with his play of words is unparalleled.

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He brings together  things you hear boys boys say and make it his.Some he picks up from the street and project it to become a national jargon.His jargon cut across everywhere ;in church,the parliament house ,drinking bars and of course on the street.

One minus about Guru I will like to point out is the unnecessary controversies which can be avoided .May be,a plot by him or his management team to promote his songs or career.All part of it,there is nothing like a bad publicity I know .

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From the usage of “boys abr3” “kpa-kpa-kpa” and now “are you aware” are all starred with controversies. Taking these jargons to compose a song?See I call that smartness and creativity.There is one thing to know an existing idea and another to tap and creatively make it yours.

But Guru ,nothing will be taking away from your talent if you give credit where it’s due .

Interestingly ,Guru is all on the airwaves giving some funny explanations as to how he get the inspiration to compose songs with those jargons.

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Someone should tell Guru that ,his talent won’t diminish when he at least acknowledge an inspiration he got from somewhere.Not acknowledging an original idea is simply “stealing” or plagiarism”

If you’ve not heard the “are you aware song by Guru,-Listen;



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Do you think you know more about Guru?To know Guru’s biography,..Where he hails from, how he became a rapper,his educational background? Continue reading the article on the next page.

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