Guys…4 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend/Wife During A Fight

Secure your relationship: 3 things you should never tell your man about yourself no matter what

One thing about words is that once it is said it can never be taken back. Once it’s done, it has already been done, and there is nothing you can do to take that away.—unless in some cases, a sincere apology.

Sometimes you might get to lose your cool with your partner and say things you didn’t really mean, but in that heat of the moment, there are some things you just shouldn’t say.


When you’ve lost your cool, never attempt telling your wife a statement like this; it never ends well. The words that’ll complete that sentence are usually heavy and disrespectful, and a woman never forgets.

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You might take everything back, but a strong word like hate is something that will last in her heart forever, even if you don’t mean it. Every other thing you tend to do will only bring those words into her heart.

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Never compare your wife to another woman, not for any reason and especially during a fight. You make her feel less of a woman when you do this. In fact, the only message you pass to her is that the other woman is better than her, which is not good.

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Never give her the impression that she’s acting ignorantly; this is another thing that will break her heart. Whether you are right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. If you are having a misunderstanding with your wife or girlfriend, never make her feel like she’s dumb because she isn’t – else you wouldn’t have married her.

The words you say during a fight can leave a lasting impression in a woman’s heart, so you must be very careful with the things you say.

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