Guys: Here’s your day born names and What it says about You

Guys: Here’s your day born names and What it says about You

It is a well known fact that people don’t joke with the days they were born. Africans especially Ghanaians,Nigerians, Kenyans ,South Africans etc doesn’t joke with their day born names.There is an old adage that goes, “Stubbornness and for identification is the reason for names. “

However , the exact day a child is brought on Earth determines the first name that would be given to you even before your naming ceremony. This day born name, when literally translated in the Akan language as ‘kradin’ meaning ‘spirit name’ when.

Your favorite news site brought that of the ladies few weeks ago and it is time to know that of the guys as well.

We characterized them by breaking down their characteristics and habits of all the various day-borns. Since Asante Twi is the language spoken by many Ghanaians, we will go by the names in Twi (Akan):

1. Sunday – Akwasi

Sunday borns (Akwasis) possess the following characteristics and habits.They are loving, loyal, intelligent, smart, fresh. They are also dedicated christians ( I don’t know if thats because majority worships on their born )and they seems to be the most influential among all other day-born names.Kwasi, Kwesi is the popular name given to Ghanaian male children born on a Sunday.

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