Guys Take Note: 5 Important Dates In A Woman’s Life You Should Never Forget

Women never forget. They make sure they celebrate you even days before an important event in your life. In as much as its well known men have difficulties remembering dates, its no excuse to forget some very important events in her life.

It could be a personal even in her life like her birthday or an even that celebrate your relationship or even an achievement in her work/school.

Just as one of my friends always says, except you want your relationship to go through something more catastrophic than the Second World War, never forget an important date. takes you through 5 most important dates in a woman’s life you never even dream of forgetting. Guys read and take note.


Women never forget the date you met and the situation and environment you met her especially when they consider you special.

In as much as you may not be able to remember everything vividly, at least don’t forget the date you met her. it means so much to them.


Truth be told, sometimes some guys disappoint oo. For what 1001 reasons will you forget the birthday of the woman you say you, love?

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I know most men don’t even remember their own birthday when its due. But that doesn’t justify you forgetting her’s. Birthdays are special days in women life and when you forget, you give the impression you don’t care.

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