GUYS take note; 7 Things almost every woman wants after $ex

Bedroom mistakes women must Stop Making today

Things almost every woman wants

$ex is part of us and God made it so for couples to enjoy themselves with that. $ex is really a broad topic and a lot of people have different opinions about it as a whole.

However, we are going to talk about the aftermath of the action. When the “do-the-do” is done.Men, a lot of the times focus more on what to do and what not to do before and during $ex.Very few men focus on what the women want after act.

$exual intercour$e requires quite a lot of emotional and physical involvement for it to be above ordinary. Knowing what your partner wants both cases before, during and after the act is what would make it awesome.

A lot of women would want it in their own different way,but I can say for a fact that ,a lot of women would really love the following after a nice time in the sheets;Mind you , we’ve discussed 5 things every woman really wants from her man during s*ex.


While some women love to be left alone after the act,but most also love to fondled; this leaves them with all manner of sensation.It also gears them up for the next round.


Whereas when you refuse to cuddle after it, you pass a message of being uncaring, selfish and only wanting them just for your $*xual pleasure.

A lot of women love to cuddle with their man after $ex; it provides that emotional connection with their man, and makes them feel special and wanted.

It somewhat passes a message that you enjoyed every bit of it and really do care as well.

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