GhPageNewsHairdresser shaves lady sakora for refusing to pay after braiding (Video)

Hairdresser shaves lady sakora for refusing to pay after braiding (Video)

A video that has caused a massive stir online shows a hairstylist angrily cutting off a customer’s braids after finding out that she can’t pay.

The hairstylist known as Rita had finished making the client’s hair when the customer made the upsetting revelation.

In a video which has since taken over social media trends, Rita can be seen angrily using scissors to cut off the new braids.

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While cutting it, she bemoaned how she spent hours to make the hair only for the customer to say she can’t pay for her service.

Rita slammed her as a witch and asked her to call the police if she wanted to as she continued to shave her hair in severe anger.

Below are some of the reactions from social media users who have come across the viral-hilarious video…

@user4666769390091 commented: “me woulda cut it out toooo gal too brite ??”

@[email protected] stated: “she should say she didn’t have the money before sot in the chair”

@Queen Dee…Marshall edition Noted: “it’s hard to spend time and no payment….smh”

@gem stated: “have all I met stylist if u tell them they will respect dat more an maybe do it for u! but u cant sit an not pay or say anyting, but a heart like mine”

@blessed_388 said: “Omg she would come back to pay can some one help her pay the lady please? We must not be so mean to each other don’t matter what

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