We have gained nothing from rivalry; Peace is key -Stonebwoy & Shatta Wale

It’s a joyous moment in Ghana now as the two great dancehall artists, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have held a peace press conference to address their current union.

In addressing the media, the two artists stated that their rivalry has achieved nothing positive in the Ghana Music Industry.

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Shatta and Stonebwoy added that they have both been yearning for peace to prevail between them and are glad that it has finally taken place.

They also assured Ghanaians that they will try their maximum best to ensure this unity goes a long way and that after all is said and done peace is all they need.

” Both of us have been yearning for this peace to happen. Peace is key, over the years we have preached rivalry but tell me what ill and unhealthy rivalry has actually gained us?

The length of this unity is not dependant on us, we leave it to the divine but we will always keep trying when we fall. We are not fighting against each other, we are competing against the world”, Stonebwoy stated.

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Watch the video below;


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Shatta Wale also pleaded with the media to always support them to grow this unity to make it last longer.

“Just try and put us there like the way other African countries are doing. I believe he can hold my hand when I am falling and I can also hold his when he is falling. We all have shortfalls and also ‘beefs’ and competition hasn’t gotten us anything in our industry. I want to urge everyone to love and also promote love to have peace in the industry. We all need your support”, Shatta Wale added.


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