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Head pastor of CCC is an occultist – Rev. Obofour

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The battle for superiority between some men of God has really between a problem for some Christians in society.

Due to this, several pastors have decided to start flaunting their wealth aside attacking other pastor and painting them black just for them to win their congregation.

Some of these things made the head pastor of Charismatic Calvary Center (CCC), Reverend Ransford Obeng to come out and say he doesn’t understand how some of these pastors make their monies to be able to buy cars for people and also give out free cars.

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Using his church an example he stated that if a church as big as the CCC is struggling to foot all its expenses, then he sees it weird as to how another Pastor who does not do any work is able to buy cars and give out huge sums of money to his followers and said they are thieves and members of occult.

Many social media users after reading the story, started pointing accusing hands at Rev. Obofour since he is the Pastor notated for dashing cars and money as well as flaunting his wealth.

But Rev. Obofour in his reaction has also labeled Reverend Obeng as an occultist and a wicked old man who is only interested in amassing wealth and inheriting his church to his children at the detriment of his congregation.

Rev Obofour claimed the head pastor of CCC is filled with condemnation spirit and that he is just envious of his achievements.

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He wondered why the elderly pastor in the Christendom will chastise him for being generous to his congregation when with all his money he has not been doing the same for his members.

‘If somebody dashes cars the person is an occult, some pastors of today just talk anyhow out of ignorance, they preach to their congregations that they are the best, they don’t want the poor to be at par with them, they want to inherit their churches to their children when they die or go on retirement, at the detriment of their members, hence their useless and wicked statements when preaching, they are wicked. You are nobody before me,

‘Continue talking about me, I won’t stop donating. He’s not preaching from any Bible but out of selfishness, greediness, out of envy and jealousy. Condemnation spirit, so they are not able to earn the respect they are supposed to. He has never helped anybody in his church, they want to increase their offertory,’ he said.

He further warned him to desist from his useless preaching of condemnation which will not end anywhere saying he is ready to go down the gutters with him.

Watch the video below:

‘I will get more members even if my dad comes from the dead to say I’m occult. I will not allow you to insult me. You are not supreme before anybody, shut up,’ he concluded.

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