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How ‘ungrateful’ Black Sherif went behind management to sign a ‘bad’ deal with Empire – Arnold Asamoah details

The reason for the split between Black Sherif and his estranged manager, Snap Chavis Wayne, has been explained by entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah Baidoo. 

According to Arnold’s accounts, Black Sherif had a tense relationship with his local administration.

On United Showbiz, Arnold Asamoah discussed the Black Sherif’s management dilemma. 

When it came to the truth, Arnold confessed that when Empire from the United States arrived, Black Sherif refused to play his role in his 5-year contract with his local record label.

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“We heard Sherif went to the United States to execute a distribution contract with Empire. However, some of the mandates that must be carried out by local management are also carried out by Empire. As a result, it appears to be a double contract.”

It is stipulated in his contract with his Ghana team that if he enters into a third-party agreement, he must go through his local management. So what happened was that he (the Black sheriff) bypassed his current/local management.

He took a step behind them. So they’re claiming that he’s broken their contract. So, to summarize, this is what’s going on.”

He likened Black Sherif’s predicament to KiDi’s, praising the latter for his quick thinking and intelligent decisions.

“Sherif’s predicament is comparable to KiDi’s with Lynx,” he remarked. Because in the United States, KiDi has a distribution arrangement with the same Empire. KiDi, on the other hand, did not go over Lynx’s back to join with Empire. What this indicates is that KiDi agreed to work with Lynx.

“As a result, it’s a win-win scenario. Because Lynx, as immediate management, was in charge of KiDi until he reached his current role. So, if KiDi is going to negotiate an international deal, it’s only right, sensible, and proper that Lynx take the lead.”

“So, in Sherif’s situation, it was assumed that once you had a local label that held you down, you go along with them.”

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Black Sherif’s selections, according to Arnold, are frowned upon in the profession. He accused Blacko of taking his local team’s hard-won privileges away.

“This isn’t the first time an artist’s management or record company has had a falling out. But the issue is that we must value both what the investor brings to the table and what the artist symbolizes.

“Because we have failed to treat investors fairly on multiple occasions. You see, what Sherif is doing right now is denying his local label the opportunity to achieve what they are intended to gain.”

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