“I love dead bodies-I broke up with my boyfriend over that”—female mortuary attendant

Not all people will be willing to spend a chunk of their time around dead bodies no matter the reward that comes with it and that is the basic truth. Yet a female mortuary attendant has revealed she actually “loves” dead bodies.

The job as a mortuary attendant is dominated by men. This is because women are regarded as fragile creatures with a tender heart to be around dead bodies all the time. Even with men, it’s alleged they dose on drugs to have the confidence to do the work

Alice Awuor Omito is a 26-years-old morgue attendant and she has revealed she loves her job so much, she had to end her relationship with her boyfriend because of it.

Alice has been working at the mortuary since 2015. She started with Star Mortuary in Kisumu, before heading to Rosewood Funeral Home in Rongo, Migori County, where she currently works.

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According to her, she enjoys spending a better part of her working days with the dead and preparing the dead for burial makes her happy.

“I enjoy spending a better part of my working days with the dead. I can’t imagine staying away from them even for a single working day. I have to go and look at the bodies stored in freezers daily,” Awuor told eDaily.

Speaking on why she dropped out of nursing school, Alice said:

“I discontinued my studies in nursing and pursued mortuary science because of available job opportunities in the latter field. I don’t regret changing professions, not one bit.”

She noted that mortuary science is a field dominated by male workers, but said that it does not scare her as she is often chosen over her male colleagues to do certain tasks of preparing the dead for burial.

The mother of one added that contrary to many people’s belief that morticians often use hard drugs before getting down to work, she has never abused drugs.

“When I was new in this job I had fears and challenges handling the dead, but now I enjoy every bit of my work. I adapted so fast and I am comfortable,” she said.

On the challenges she has faced on the job, Awuor said she was dumped by her ex-partner after he learned about the job.

“My boyfriend recently dumped me when I told him that I work as a morgue attendant. Discrimination is just one of the several challenges I face for being a mortician. The challenges are normal though. No job is immune to challenges regardless its nature.”

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