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“I’m not stingy” – Sarkodie explains why he does not give out money

Rapper Sarkodie has quashed many widespread perceptions that he is stingy.

In a conversation, Sarkodie debunked the perception with an explanation that he fails to show off.

According to him, he hates to do good with the camera focused on him and capturing the moment.

Unlike his character, Sarkodie intimated that Africans like to show off by letting people know the good they do for others.

He added that he does not want to argue with people who think he is stingy because he does not put his act of generosity out there in the public.

“I do not like to do good while the camera is capturing the moment. In Africa, a lot of people want to assume that they are kind so whatever good deed they do, they want others to see. I am not like that.”

Sarkodie has been bashed for coming across as stingy. Many have lambasted him for failing to support the poor and needy.

However, Sarkodie has intimated that the fact that he does not publicise what he does not make him stingy.

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